Medway Test Update

So, what’s new?

Following a presentation by Medway Council held at two Medway schools (Rainham Mark and Hundred Of Hoo), it has now been confirmed that the 2017 Medway Test will be written by CEM instead of GL Assessment as in previous years’.

The Medway Test will continue to have three tests – maths, verbal reasoning and creative writing – but there will be slight changes to the way the paper is laid out and timed. For example, instead of being one 50-minute test in verbal reasoning, CEM papers have traditionally have been broken down into smaller timed sections of around 5-10 minutes each.

Our students will however be familiar with this style already, as we often set our verbal and non-verbal reasoning exams in this format.

There may also be an extra section of SPaG and comprehension in the Medway verbal reasoning paper now. Our students should feel confident with this too because we have always had a very strong emphasis on these skills as an integral part of our 11+ English lesson planning.

There is also a wealth of information on the Medway Council Website regarding all aspects of secondary school admissions and the Medway Test (no insight into the questions though!).

This is all underpinned by our class homework including spellings, definitions, antonyms & synonyms, which we test our students on weekly.  Parents whose children are weaker in these areas should consider giving them an extra focus now, either at home, with us or both.

Importantly, the majority of Tuition Academy students take our advice and sit both the Kent and Medway Test, so we will ensure that they feel confident with both exam formats.

The Kent Test remains unchanged with two multiple choice GL papers – Reasoning, covering verbal, non-verbal and spatial skills plus an English and Maths paper.


For further information on the Kent Test click on the link below for to read the  KCC booklet. Familiarisation Booklet 

What can we do about it?

We will continue to give our students the training and support they need to ensure that they are prepared and confident to approach both exam formats, not only through our regular classes but also during our mock exams running over summer.

To support these changes at home we strongly recommend parents obtain their own CEM test papers and practice. This will speed up the familiarisation process and also help the students exam techniques and overall speed.

The first CEM style forecast exams running at the Medway Centre this Sunday 11th June are already fully booked.

The date for the next CEM style format at the Medway centre is Sunday 9th July

Please CLICK HERE for details of the Maidstone Mock Exams Dates

Why has this happened?

The education authorities often make these kinds of changes in order to make exams tutor proof.  This is a very fair policy and we fully support such action.  Our students are never coached on how to just pass a particular exam.

Of course we help them with exam technique, but importantly they are given the breadth of knowledge, the understanding of the subject as a whole and the confidence in their ability ensure they can truly flourish once they gain their place at their chosen Grammar school.

Remember, we don’t coach, we educate!