Key Stage 1-2 Primary Support Classes

To help your child’s education get off to the best possible start, we offer a range of classes in numeracy and literacy. These classes, tailored for our 5 – 7 year old students, are aimed at providing them with a solid understanding of Maths and English, which they can build and expand upon in their coming years of education.  Our classroom format is particularly useful in raising confidence and it allows the students to develop their social interaction skills.

11+ Grammar Preparation

Kent has one of the highest concentrations of grammar schools in the country, and in order for a child to gain access into one of these popular institutions, they must pass the 11+ Kent Test or the equivalent Medway Test.
These tests are designed to be closely aligned to the Key Stage 2 curriculum and hence based on what the students learn when taking their Year 6 SATS exams.  Kent County Council have recently revamped the tests in an effort to make them “tutor proof” and the results from 2014 indicate this was somewhat successful – we fully support this new method and applaud the move to open Grammar School entrance to pupils based purely on their ability alone.  However it still remains the case that competition for places is extremely competitive and candidates need to reach an ever increasing level of performance to gain entry.

“We don’t coach, we educate”.

At Tuition Academy we do not teach our students how to pass exams.  Our most successful results have come from the children who have been with us from Year 4 or 5, and so have supplemented their education through Key Stage 2, SATS and into their 11+ application.

Of course we do offer specific 11+ preparation to give them the best possible chance of succeeding, and this includes mock tests, guidance on exam technique and confidence building.


SATs Preparation

During the final year of Key Stage 2, all Year 6 students will take National Curriculum Tests, commonly known as SATS, in English (reading, writing and spelling) and Maths (mental arithmetic). Most will also take tests in Science and all the results are extremely important, as they are used to not only assess the performance and progress of the students, but they may also affect the “set” peer placement of the child for the next phase of their studies.


We recognise this and help prepare the students for the pressure they face at test stage.  Level 2 SATS have an expected attainment level of 4, but we have seen many of our students reach 5, and even 6, after just a few months at one of our Centres.

Key Stage 3 Classes

Key Stage 3 is possibly the most important 3 years of your child’s education.  Their programme of study is extended by over 35% from Key Stage 2, which will naturally dilute the school timetable allocation, so we dedicate our own lessons to consolidating and extending their learning in the three core subjects of English, Maths and Science.

Our teaching staff are very experienced in identifying an individuals’ abilities, whether that is talent in a certain subject that just needs to be honed, or specific areas that need more attention.  Either way, we often see the greatest results in this age group as students discover they significantly improve, be it directly compared to their peers or more satisfyingly against the expectations of the school and indeed themselves.

Key Stage 4 – GCSE Classes

Key Stage 4 is arguably the most challenging two years in a student’s school career as it is of course geared towards entrance into a range of external examinations, most frequently being their GCSE’s.  Their development and the academic skills they have learnt in earlier stages will play a big part in their success but they are often faced with huge additional pressures including having to cope with multiple subjects, so as with Key Stage 3, study timetables can become diluted.

We offer classes for both Year 10 and 11 students in English, Maths and all three Sciences, catering for a range of abilities. As with 11+ and SATS preparation, we do not attempt to teach the children how to pass the exams, but focus on supplementing the lessons they learn at school, providing support and guidance in the areas that need improvement.

We are not bound by the requirement to cover the entire contents of the National Curriculum, so if our students need intensive help on a particular subject, our staff will concentrate time with them until they are comfortable and happy to move on.

Key Stage 5 – A Level Classes

Key Stage 5 is the stage of education where students go through more intense and challenging courses in very specific subjects. It is the last stage of secondary education for members of sixth form and success will dictate whether the students will be able to apply to go to university.

We provide advanced level tuition in a range of core subjects, covering both AS and A2 level exams across a variety of examination board syllabus’.