Key Stage 1-2 Primary Support

Primary Support

To help your child’s education get off to the best possible start, we have dedicated classes for our younger students aimed at enhancing their numeracy and literacy skills.

These classes will provide them with a solid understanding of Maths and English on which they can build and expand upon in their coming years of education.  Our classroom format is particularly useful in raising confidence and it allows the students to develop their social interaction skills.

Key Stage 1

These classes are tailored for our 5 to 7 year old students who are in years 1 or 2 at school.  The classes concentrate  on the numeracy and literacy concepts that will help them reach the target level for their age group.

During this phase of your child’s education they will start to learn the fundamentals of mathematics and learn how to relate it to real situations.  They will learning counting, simple division and multiplication and basic fractions.  In terms of literacy, they should be at a level where they are able to read a book unaided and begin to use joined up writing, construct grammatically balanced sentences with punctuation and tenses.

All this work will build towards the end of Year 2 when they will take their KS1 SAT’s (Standard Attainment Tests)

Key Stage 2

KS2 is an important milestone in your child’s education as they are expected to be able to apply their learning and begin to develop reasoning skills.

As with KS1, there is no pass or fail, but the results of the assessment leading to their level allocations will influence the next stages of their school career, and indeed their confidence.  Their ability to achieve or exceed the expected level cannot be enhanced by “cramming” for the exam, so even the most gifted child will benefit from our structured courses which run all year round.

During these classes our teachers cover all elements of the numeracy and literacy syllabus including spellings, reading, comprehension, tables, and number work to ensure that all of our students have a solid understanding of the fundamentals before entering Year 5 and commencing on their 11+ Preparation work.