Key Stage 3 Classes

Key Stage 3

KS3  is possibly the most important  years of your child’s education.

Your child has now progressed on to Secondary or Grammar school and is facing different pressures in their education.  They will be studying a dozen or more subjects which is extremely valuable in broadening their knowledge base and increasing their learning ability.

Their programme of study is extended by over 35% from Key Stage 2, which will naturally dilute the school timetable allocation, so we dedicate our own lessons to consolidating and extending their learning in the three core subjects of English, Maths and Science.

Our dedicated KS3 classes supplement and reinforce the national curriculum, and with a sustained programme across the academic year, your child will build up a solid foundation in readiness for KS4.

Our teaching staff are very experienced in identifying an individuals’ abilities, whether that is talent in a certain subject that just needs to be honed, or specific areas that need more attention.  Either way, we often see the greatest results in this age group as students discover they significantly improve, be it directly compared to their peers or more satisfyingly against the expectations of the school and indeed themselves.