Key Stage 4 – GCSE Classes

Key Stage 4 is arguably the most challenging two years in a student’s school career as it is of course geared towards entrance into a range of external examinations, most frequently being their GCSE’s.  Their development and the academic skills they have learnt in earlier stages will play a big part in their success but they are often faced with huge additional pressures including having to cope with multiple subjects, so as with Key Stage 3, study timetables can become diluted.

We offer classes for both Year 10 and 11 students in English, Maths and all three Sciences, catering for a range of abilities. As with 11+ and SATS preparation, we do not attempt to teach the children how to pass the exams, but focus on supplementing the lessons they learn at school, providing support and guidance in the areas that need improvement.

We are not bound by the requirement to cover the entire contents of the National Curriculum, so if our students need intensive help on a particular subject, our staff will concentrate time with them until they are comfortable and happy to move on.