Maidstone Centre

Due to our recent move into larger premises, and our expanding class timetables, we currently have number of new teacher vacancies available: –

  • Mathematics Teacher
  • English Teacher
  • Science Teachers
  • 11+ Preparation Specialist
  • KS2 Teachers

To find out more or to discuss these positions please call Debbie on 07734 955 495 or email 

Medway Centre

We are always happy to received CV’s from QTS teachers.  Please contact Simon at to discuss current positions available.

Tuition Academy has enjoyed huge success since its establishment in 2009 and has worked with over hundred and fifty staff in various capacities. As part of our dedication to serving the community we also hope to provide opportunities to people who wish to either commence their academic careers or even supplement their existing roles. From voluntary work for undergraduates to paid work for qualified staff the Tuition Academy Limited prides itself on providing opportunities for a variety of needs.

We place a huge value on quality staff who embrace our working ethos coupled with their passion for academia.