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How does supplementary education at Tuition Academy Maidstone and Medway differ from classroom study?

At Tuition Academy, we are passionate about teaching students and giving them comprehensive subject knowledge, as opposed to coaching them how to pass exams. We provide a structured, personal, and differentiated learning environment, enabling students to study at their best individual pace and ability. Our teachers engage with our students within a small group, ensuring our students’ learning objectives and needs are met.

Will my child receive support during the examination period?

Of course. We provide full support and advice for all our students before, during and after their exams. Students are welcome to come to the sessions with any questions they may have about participating in exams. Our dedicated staff are on hand to help students achieve their true potential and boost confidence levels.

Are all your staff experienced teachers?

Yes. All our staff are expert specialist teachers and skilled teaching assistants who are passionate about their subjects.

Do you provide all learning resources?

All learning resources are included in the tuition.

Is a one-on-one tuition option available?

Although we don’t provide regular one-to-one tuition, we ensure all students have the support they need. If your child is struggling with a subject area and needs some extra help, our experienced teaching assistants with advanced subject knowledge are happy to provide one-to-one assistance.

How will my child’s progress be monitored?

Our teaching staff use their experience in identifying an individual’s abilities and personally monitor your child’s progress. Our teachers will highlight specific areas which may need more attention whether this may be a subject, topic or learning technique. As a parent/guardian, you are welcome to ask our team questions regarding your child’s progress at any time.

When should I start preparing for 11 Plus?

We highly recommend starting 11 Plus preparation one year in advance. We provide specific 11 Plus preparation including exam technique guidance, confidence building, and mock tests, ensuring students feel ready for the test they take in Year 6 before progression into Secondary or Upper School the following September.

If your child needs to raise their subject knowledge levels before starting 11 Plus preparation, we recommend joining our classes in Year 4.

Are 11 Plus mock exams available?

Yes. We have a range of dates available both for our students and external children to participate in our 11 Plus mock exams. Due to the limited number of spaces available for each mock exam, bookings must be made in advance on a ‘first come – first served’ basis. Mock Exams will be taken under strict exam conditions.

Please contact the relevant centre for full details.

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