We offer Biology tuition at our Folkestone, Maidstone and Medway centres, including Key Stage 3 and GCSE as part of the Science curriculum, and A-level as a standalone subject.

Scientific concepts can be difficult to grasp and our specialist teachers are experts at presenting them in a clear, structured and engaging manner.

Our teaching assistants have advanced Biology knowledge and are on hand to provide one-to-one assistance to students, struggling with a particular subject area.

Biology tuition – focus areas

Improving and strengthening subject knowledge – students learn in small ability-based classes enabling us to quickly establish and overcome any difficulties.

Exam skills – we work on learning to complete as many answers as possible in a clear and concise manner, timing and staying calm and focused.


Key Stage 3 – Years 7-9, Ages 11-14

Students develop a deeper understanding of the scientific ideas in Biology and learn to establish the connections between the other Science subject areas: Physics and Chemistry. Topics include the Structure and Function of Living Organisms, Nutrition and Digestion, Reproduction, Health, Relationships in an Ecosystem, as well as Genetics and Evolution.

Over a dozen more subjects are added to students school curriculum and it can be challenging to keep up. Our Biology tuition is focused on ensuring your child has a solid foundation and can confidently cope with the pace while progressing towards the GCSE level.

Our ability-based small-class environment enables students to learn at a manageable pace and achieve the best possible results. Students with a strong interest and advanced ability in Biology can learn beyond the National Curriculum level, preparing to go into more depth at GCSE and A-level.

Key Stage 4 – GCSE – Years 10-11, Ages 14-16

GCSE Biology is taught as part of Science and our weekly 90 minute classes are designed to support students school learning and develop effective exam-taking skills. Our GCSE Biology tuition includes both Foundation and Higher levels and is structured in accordance with the main exam boards.

At this stage students gain a deeper understanding of human biology, organisms, evolution and the environment, focusing on developing scientific thinking, experimental skills and strategies, analysis and evaluation and scientific vocabulary.

GCSE exams are taken at the end of Year 11 and for the best results, we recommend joining our classes at the start of Year 10.

We run additional intensive revision classes in February and during Easter break to get students into the best shape for the exams.

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