Our mission is to help all students who come to us for tuition in Maidstone and Medway reach their academic goals, make the most of their abilities, and nurture vital life skills. Here is how we achieve this:

Preliminary assessment

We start by meeting new students and their families. Getting to know each student personally, reviewing their school reports, and assessing their capabilities and academic goals enables us to provide focused ability-based tuition.

Strong academic foundation

We focus on giving students an in-depth knowledge of their chosen subjects and teach them to how to apply it. This not only enables them to perform well at exams, but sets them up for excellence at grammar or independent school.

Our approach

A structured scheme of works in line with the National Curriculum enables us to provide effective and relevant learning as well as teach at and beyond comprehensive and grammar school level.

All resources and study materials are provided by Tuition Academy and are included at no additional cost.


Our specialist teachers and experienced teaching assistants are experts at delivering impactful and engaging teaching as well as managing the class.

Class size

Small classes with an average 1:5 teacher-student ratio enable the teaching staff to monitor every student’s progress, quickly identifying and addressing challenging areas.

Individual support

If a student needs more help with a particular topic, our one-to-one support will fill the gaps in knowledge.

Ability-based classes

Students are grouped into classes according to their levels, with an opportunity to progress when ready.


We have created a positive and personal environment for students to enjoy coming to our classes and developing a love of learning, confidence, participation, and independent thinking.

Regular feedback

We monitor progress through in-class assessments and homework, providing timely feedback and working together with the family to ensure the student’s learning is on track.

Exam practice and techniques

Students learn how to stay calm, focused, and effective during the exam. We sit mock exams and review them in class.


Regularly attending classes at our tuition centres in Maidstone and Medway as well as completing homework are essential to students’ progress and achieving their target grades and exam results.

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