Key Stages 1, 2 and 3

Key Stages 1-3

Our Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 tuition in Folkestone, Maidstone and Medway nurtures student’s abilities to help build a strong academic foundation, making their school life easier. Students enjoy learning in small groups taught by specialist teachers using a structured and positive approach based on the scheme of works in line with the National Curriculum.

Key Stage 1 tuition – Years 1 and 2, Ages 5-7

Our Key Stage 1 classes are dedicated to getting your child off to the best start in education. We focus on enhancing our young students Numeracy and Literacy skills while helping them develop their confidence and social interaction skills.

Key Stage 1 Numeracy familiarises students with the fundamentals of Maths such as counting, simple division, multiplication and basic fractions.

In Key Stage 1 Literacy, students are expected to be able to read a book unaided, begin to use joined-up writing and construct grammatically balanced sentences with punctuation and tenses.

Our classes help students reach their age group target levels and give them a solid foundation for the rest of their education.

Key Stage 2 tuition – Years 3-6, Ages 7-11

Key Stage 2 is an important educational milestone as students begin to apply their learning and develop their reasoning skills. As with Key Stage 1, there is no pass or fail, but their assessment results will become the basis of their level allocation and the next stages of their school career.

Our goal is to ensure all our students have a solid understanding of the fundamentals before they start preparing for the 11 Plus in Year 4 or 5, SATs and the secondary school transition in Year 7.

We cover all the elements of the Numeracy and Literacy syllabus, including spelling, reading, comprehension, tables and number work.

With the demands of education increasing, absorbing and applying new knowledge at a consistent and manageable pace becomes vital. Our structured classes run all year round, supporting and stimulating students to be at or above their school levels.

Key Stage 3 – Years 7-9, Ages 11-14

Key Stage 3 is a critical period in a child’s education, as it sets the pace for working at the GCSE level. Students are now studying over a dozen subjects – an increase of over 35% from Key Stage 2, broadening their knowledge base and strengthening their ability to learn.

To support students during this significant growth period, we run weekly classes in all core key Stage 3 subjects – English, Math, and Science (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry). Our classes help students improve and consolidate their school learning while encouraging participation and building student’s confidence levels.

Our teachers are experienced at identifying each student’s abilities and talents, quickly recognising if a subject area needs to be honed or if the student is ready for more advanced learning.

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