Why Us

Founded with the aspiration of providing high-quality, affordable private tuition for all, Tuition Academy provides the academic knowledge and the skills students need to thrive academically and beyond.

Caring and results-driven

Whether it’s passing 11 Plus, getting target GCSE grades, gaining A-levels, or getting to grips with a difficult subject – our approach is designed to help students reach their goals and enjoy learning.

We go the extra mile to help every student do well, providing additional support, study resources, and parental guidance.

A winning combination

  • People – specialist teachers and experienced teaching assistants, enthusiastic about their subject, teaching, and students.
  • Class size – small ability-based classes with an average 1:5 teacher-student ratio. We monitor every student, helping as soon as it’s needed.
  • Approach – structured, personalised, ability-based, and engaging to ensure effective learning.
  • Life skills – we help students develop discipline, independent thinking, and confidence to succeed at school, exams, and in life.
  • Environment – our centres have a welcoming atmosphere: students love coming here and making friends, supporting and encouraging each other to do their best.

Experience and expertise

A solid foundation is vital to the success of your child’s entire education. As a family-owned tuition provider, we use our first-hand knowledge and expertise to identify the challenges and fill any gaps in knowledge at every educational stage.

Making your child’s school life easier

Our structured scheme of works is in line with the National Curriculum, and we teach at and beyond the comprehensive and even grammar school level, helping students learn better and advance faster in our focused small-class environment.

Supportive relationship

We stay in regular communication with the students and their families. We use in-class assessments and weekly homework to quickly identify if a student is struggling or is ready for the next level, working together to ensure students are advancing to the best of their ability.

Honest assessment and feedback

We believe that honest and accurate assessment and timely feedback are the most effective way of gauging students’ potential to achieve their target results. We monitor every student’s progress and quickly communicate to parents any issues that need attention.

Recommended by our customers

Most of our new students come to us for private tuition after being recommended by a current or a previous student of Tuition Academy.

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